Jun 22, 2022 | Education, Technology

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: What can we expect?

From smartphones to chatbots, SIRI to self-driven cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been all-the-more omnipresent today, in our digital lives. But the question remains, why AI? What is the future of AI? Interested already? Let’s get started.

  1. E-commerce:

Artificial Intelligence plays a pivotal role in E-commerce sectors today. Ranging from user experience to marketing and distribution of products, there’s a ray of hope for AI – a hope with which we can expect automated warehouse, shopper personalization, and the use of chatbots, in our near future. 

  1. Employment:

AI is used in the job search market today in such a manner that even a resume gets rejected if it does not fulfill the company’s requirements. We might also expect AI to be working in the field of written interviews and telephonic rounds in the future. But apart from all these benefits, in case you want to know about the fun facts of AI, we wrote more about that here.

  1. Healthcare sectors:

All thanks to AI, new drug discoveries have been much faster and cost-effective, appointment scheduling for patients has gone easier, and bill paying has become much more convenient with fewer errors. However, what remains constant is the challenge of AI to ensure its usage in daily clinical practices, which needs to be resolved in the near future.

  1. Cyber security:

With the help of AI tools, security incidents can be supervised easily. Noting the origin of cyber-attacks with NLP becomes much more convenient. Also, automation of rule-based responsibilities and processes with the help of RPA bots, is another major green flag for AI, in the field of cyber security.

  1. Transportation:

AI and machine learning go hand in hand. AI is being applied in the cockpit to help reduce work pressure, handle pilot stress, and improve on-time presentation. However, there are several other challenges for AI in public transportation like over-dependence on automatic and autonomous systems, which are needed to be looked at.

Bottom line:

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