May 23, 2022 | Education, Technology

Fun facts about AI – All you need to know!

Have your ever talked with Siri? Or search for a film on Netflix? If yes, then you’ve interacted with nothing but AI. Artificial intelligence (also known as AI) today, has become an extensive branch of computer science. Chiefly concerned with building smart machines and robots, AI is capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. And over the past few years, Artificial intelligence has received immense recognition. One of the chief purposes of AI today is to build agents and code robots, which can replicate human behavior and decide on a human being’s behalf. So, we at Little Inventors have come up to shed some light today, on the fun facts about AI. Let’s dig in.

1. AI Pets feel like real

Yes, you heard that right, AI pets exist. While real pets are needed to be taken care of, AI pets are robots that look, feel, and act like real animals. It is widely expected that AI-driven pets will be available in the market by 2025.

2. AI identifies Emotions

Did you know that robots can recognize emotions, through human body language and voice tone? The answer is Kismet. Built-in the late 1990s, Kismet has the capability to comprehend human emotions, by listening to just human voices and their modulations.

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3. AI can replace the human workforce, sooner or later!

As cited in The Guardian, customer service jobs (85%) are expected to face the highest AI threat in the coming years. More so, because AI helps reduce business costs, hence it is expected to replace the human workforce anytime now. 

4. AI has Legalized Nationalities and Passports today

Sophia, a humanoid, has obtained guaranteed citizenship in the country of Saudi Arabia. And since then, there has been a huge turmoil over whether robots should possess legal rights or not. This is one of our favourite fun facts about AI.

5. Products you buy are suggested with the help of AI

Did you know that the products which are recommended to you on online retailing websites, such as Flipkart and Amazon, are done with the help of AI? In the words of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, most of the company’s machine learning systems are being used to suggest products to customers. Also, AI helps to determine which deals are offered when and to which category of customers.


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