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7 Reasons Why Should Kids Learn to Code

Think of a skill that stands out in the modern era. Think of a skill that can give your kids a head-start on their future careers. Sounds super fun, right? The skill is coding. But still the question for some parents persists, why should kids learn to code? In our increasingly digitalized world, most parents today want their kids to become computer literate. But we at Little Inventors, do not go by rat races. We try to instill in the minds of kids that coding is fun; such that it can boost their life skills, help improve their socialization and act as firm assistance alongside their schooling.

Question remains, when should kids start learning to code then? Overall survey cites that it’s best to start learning codes, right after they become 10+, but we believe there’s no hard and fast rule about it. Different kids learn in different ways, and it’s all about sparking the curiosity for coding in their minds first. So, in this article, we’ll walk you through some of the science-backed benefits of why should kids learn to code. Let’s have a look.

1.  Coding fosters Computational Thinking

Students who learn to code are motivated to break down complex problems into smaller issues. Learning how to code, provides children with a basic understanding of algorithmic thinking patterns, from a very tender age. And this eventually gets translated into mathematical pursuits, helping them in improving their computational skills

2. Help your kids boost their Problem-Solving Skills with coding

In a programming context, kids being coders are continuously challenged and asked to problem-solve. And the more they practice, the more they get an opportunity to hone their skills. They receive the problem, break down the same into sub-problems, and proceed with an iterative process of finding out solutions.

3. Coding = Creativity

Research report by a team of UC Berkeley psychologists recommends that creativity tends to reduce as we age. Question remains, how do we preserve a child’s creative skills as they age then? This is exactly why should kids learn to code. More and more practice leads to not only a creative mindset but also an experimental discipline.

4. Digital Literacy and coding goes hand-in-hand

Digital literacy refers to a person’s ability to engage with technology in a thoughtful way. This includes topics such as internet safety, cyberbullying, digital footprints, and online ethics. So, it’s quite legible for us to think that programming will eventually become a necessary literacy of its own kind.

5. Provides in-demand career paths

In accordance to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, coders are found to be growing around 21 percent anywhere between 2018 and 2028. Can you imagine that’s just four times as compared to any other career?

6. Improves Confidence and Communication Skills

Yes, you heard that right. Coding is not at all a solo job to be done but includes partners and group works, in many cases. For instance, a coding project may teach your child that any problem is solvable. Think for yourself, could there be any other reason for why should kids learn to code? I doubt not.

7. Kids learn a new way to look at the world!

Just like any other languages, programming languages too have their own grammatical and syntax rules. So, having a fluency in languages such as Python, Scratch or JavaScript let kids with an excellent vocabulary for interacting with the world.

Final Thoughts:

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