The Ozobot course offers an exciting and interactive learning experience for students interested in robotics and coding. Ozobot is a small, programmable robot that introduces children to the fundamentals of coding and computational thinking in a hands-on and engaging way using colors as codes to run the bot.

About This Course!

  • Ozobot is a miniature robot and Uses color sensor to read colors
  • It consists of ozotown, shape tracer 1, and shape tracer 2.
  • Building beginner-to-Master OzoBlockly programming skills (following lines, intersections, and more)
  • OzoBlockly coding can be used and loaded on computers & Ipads with ozoblocky.com

The Ozobot course engages students in interactive coding using colors. By drawing colored lines or using color-coded blocks, students create commands for the Ozobot to follow. This hands-on approach fosters creativity and teaches programming concepts in a fun and engaging way. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the exciting interaction between colors and the Ozobot.

What you’ll learn!


Ozobot Module

  • Introduction to Ozobot
  • Learn about bot languages and behavior
  • Introduction to Colour Sensors
  • Color codes and different instructions by colors
  • Making Customized track instructions for the bot

E.g. Ozobot to travel home, Dancing Ozobot, Creating Race Tracks.


Certification test

Our course culminates with a certification test, challenging students to solve a given puzzle using Ozobot understanding its behavior and language using colors.

E.g. Completing levels in ozo town and trace the colours using ozobot.

Student Projects

Student Project

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