3D Designing & Printing

Our 3D Designing & Printing Course is a comprehensive program that provides hands-on training in the exciting field of 3D technology. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, design, and bring their ideas to life through 3D modeling and printing.Through practical exercises and projects, students will gain proficiency in designing and optimizing 3D models for printing.They will learn about different types of 3D printers, materials, and techniques.

About This Course!

Our professional 3D Designing and Printing course offers a comprehensive curriculum covering software installation, 2D sketching, 3D modeling, and machine operation for 3D printing. 

This offline course requires a laptop or PC (Windows, iOS) and a stable internet connection. ThinkerCAD is often chosen as a teaching tool for students due to its user-friendly nature..We utilize Ultimaker Cura as our preferred choice. Ultimaker Cura is a powerful and user-friendly slicing software that prepares 3D models for printing. 

What you’ll learn!



This module provides a professional exploration of key concepts including software installation, 2D sketching, 3D modeling, and machine operation for 3D printing.

  • Introduction to 3-Dimensions.
  • Basic 3-D models like shapes.
  • Designing using the alphabet, names, numbers, shapes, and combinations of all.
  • Introduction to 3-D Printer and prerequisites.
  • Live 3-D Printing of Deigned Models.

E.g. Creating 3D models of basic shapes such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, and pyramids,Alphabet Printing



In this module, students will learn the concepts of

  • Introduction to engineering design
  • Outputs of 3d printed objects.
  • Different nozzles and plate specifications

E.g. Personalized Name Keychain, Numerical Puzzle, Dice etc.



In this module, students will learn the concepts mentioned below

  • Assembly drawing
  • Designing of basic engineering shapes
  • Using Different Color Filaments.
  • Types of 3-D printers.

E.g. Complicated Engineering Parts, Artistic Sculpture, Functional Object Design etc.


Certification test

Our course culminates with a certification test, challenging students to showcase their skills through projects involving the design and printing of 3D models. The students are supposed to design an 3-Object using the Software and Printing it on their own to get certification.

Student Projects

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