Mbot Simulation

The Mbot course is a dynamic and hands-on program designed to introduce students to the world of robotics and programming. Mbot is a versatile and educational robot that serves as a platform for learning various STEM concepts.

In the Mbot course, students learn to assemble the Mbot robot from scratch, gaining a deeper understanding of its mechanical components and how they function together. They then delve into programming the Mbot using a block-based coding language, which allows them to control its movements, sensors, and interactions.

About This Course!

In the course, students tackle challenges and projects to enhance problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity. They learn programming concepts like loops, conditions, and variables, applying them to navigate obstacles, create games, and complete tasks with the Mbot. By course completion, students gain a strong foundation in robotics, programming, and problem-solving.

What you’ll learn!



  • Introduction to Mbot
  • Playing with Mbot- “Learning the Controls”
  • Modes of Mbot
  • Introduction to sensors(Ultrasonic & IR etc)



  • Line following Bot with sensors
  • Introduction to Block-based Coding
  • Introduction to Makeblock App
  • Basic Code for Mbot Movements



  • Programming for Mbot
  • Introduction to Conditional Statements
  • Coding for Sensors
  • Coding for Combination of Sensors


Certification test

After completion of the Mbot course. A task is given to complete and by completing the given task the students will receive a certification recognizing their proficiency in robotics and programming with the Mbot platform.

Student Projects

Student Project

Vyom's Mbot

Kailash another milestone - Maker Bot

Harnidh's Mbot color setting
Vahin's Mbot movement

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