Programming in Python Turtle

Turtle is a python programming feature like a drawing board, which allows you to command a turtle that acts as a pen to draw all over it. This is an amazing way for children to start their coding journey as the backend coding for turtle is done in Python programming language.

Turtle is a great place for kids to start learning to code as they start by drawing various shapes, designs, and adding effects to create animations and games. They start applying logic and code according to the problem statement from scratch, and here they start their coding journey in a very playful manner.
By learning Python Turtle, kids will gain programming knowledge and also improve their logical skills and thinking ability.

After this course kids can start learning advanced python programming and various other programming languages like C++ and Java and move ahead in the coding field along with this children can also opt for learning computer graphic designing as after learning turtle they will develop interest in computer graphics and designing and many other doors open up for them in the fields of game development, graphic designing , canva designing and much more.

About This Course!

Students will learn programming concepts with Python Turtle through a project-based approach, which will enhance their understanding of the programming language. The course is divided into three levels (Beginner to advanced) ranging from fundamentals of a programming language to drawing various patterns and much more.

Tools – Online editor – trinket, replit or Python IDE.
Duration – 3-4 months
Requirements – Laptop/PC with minimum 4 GB RAM. Stable Internet connection.

What you’ll learn!


Basic Module

In this module children will get introduced to the python programming language ,they will learn about the syntax of programming language and will learn how to draw basic shapes and design using turtle.

E.g. Drawing various shapes like triangles, square, pentagons etc, Filling colors in the shapes, Draw rainbows, Make Stamps of Turtle etc


Intermediate Module

In this module children will learn various libraries of python and learn to code for shapes like spiral stars, spiral squares and various graphical patterns. Here children will actually start applying their logical and thinking abilities where they will also draw The Indian flag, simple cars etc using turtle.

E.g. Draw Spiral Patterns with Turtle, Drawings like – Indian Flag, Huts, simple cars, Boat etc.


Advanced Module

In this module children will get introduced to advanced packages of python like Time, random, Maths etc. They will also learn how to create games like turtle race and create bounce. Here they will also learn how to draw Doraemon cartoon characters. They will enjoy creating and coding all these graphical drawings and animations totally from scratch.

E.g. Create drawings like – snowman, Trees, Mountains, Doraemon. Creates Bounce, Turtle race games etc .


Certification Project

In the end students will be assessed based on a certification project they build from scratch on their own.

E.g. A cake, A building

Student Projects

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