C Programming

The C programming language is a general-purpose, operating system-agnostic, and procedural language that supports structured programming and provides low-level access to the system memory. Dennis Ritchie invented the C language in 1972 at AT&T (then called Bell Laboratory), where it was implemented in the UNIX system on DEC PDP II. It was also the successor of the B programming language invented by Ken Thompson. C was designed to overcome the problems encountered by BASIC, B, and BPCL programming languages. By 1980, C became the most popular language for mainframes, microcomputers, and minicomputers.

About This Course!

In this course, you will learn an introduction to C-programming and you will also learn about programming, function, arrays, structures, etc. You will also learn about queues, C Libraries, stacks, and data structures

This course is offered in offline and online mode and students registered in this course will need a laptop or PC(windows, IOS) and a good internet connection to start learning.

What you’ll learn!



In this module, students will learn the concepts mentioned below

  • Introduction to C-Programming
  • C-variables and keywords
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Functions in C etc.



In this module, students will learn the concepts mentioned below

  • Arrays, types of arrays
  • Structures
  • Pointers
  • Union etc.



In this module, students will learn the concepts mentioned below

  • File system in c
  • Data structure
  • Stacks
  • Queues, etc.


Certification Project

Our course will end with a certification test where students work on different projects for an example-bank management system, snake game, bus reservation system, etc.

Student Projects

Student Project

Inventothon-22 - Submission - Sarveesh Satish & Saharsh Satish
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Prayan Chandrakar
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Panav Gala
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Nitish Anand Kaluvakolli
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Preksh gala
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Anvi Srivastava
Inventothon-22 - Diya Menon

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