Public Speaking

Public Speaking course can be a great way to help children develop effective communication skills. Our specialized course is designed to help them boost their confidence through interactive exercises, role-plays, and impromptu speaking. We’ll ignite their creativity while helping them to articulate their ideas and foster their speaking skills.

About This Course!

The course is well-designed to cater to the needs and abilities of the learners, gradually building their skills and confidence in various aspects of communication. The course is available both in online as well as offline mode. Below is an outline of a comprehensive public speaking curriculum:

What you’ll learn!


Basic Module
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Developing Speech Content
  • Body Language and Delivery
  • Non-Verbal Communication

E.g. Principles of speaking and communication, Preparing self introduction, small speeches and delivering in session with Carishma, general discussion sessions with instructors.


Intermediate Module

• Crafting and Delivering Persuasive Speeches
• Impromptu Speaking
• Speech Evaluation and Feedback

E.g. Frameworks of communication, listening, thinking, preparing speech, presentations and delivering effectively, creating high performance state as speaker, and real time practice.


    Advanced Module
    • Vocal Variety and Articulation
    • Storytelling and Narrative Techniques
    • Special Types of Speeches

    E.g. Advance frameworks of public speaking, creating influence and self-state management as speakers. Extreme practice, evaluation, corrections and enhancement with the instructor.


    Certification Test

    In the end students will be assessed based on a general discussion on chosen topic, preparing speech and presenting it on moment, evaluation of body language and state as speaker.

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