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School starts the process of learning, LI helps in taking it a step further!

Little Inventors offers the best Robotics/Coding classes for kids in Online/Offline mode. Several programming language courses are offered in a hands-on and fun-filled environment. Kids learn basic programming language constructs like conditions, loops, and functions to advance topics such as OOPS, Classes, etc. We have courses from very basic learning like Scratch Programming, and Basic Circuit to complicated or advanced courses like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Data Science. Our most popular course is Game Development with Unity software, where kids get hands-on learning to build 2D and 3D games along with terrain designing and 3rd person system games.

About Us


LittleInventors has started an offline group or 1:1 classes in Hyderabad for 40+ robotics/coding, tuition and 8+ language courses. Along with offline classes, LittleInventors offers global online 1:1 or group classes using state of art and secure video conferencing tools like Google Meet.

About Us

Free demo classes

Register your child for a free demo class for the course of your choice and decide based on your child’s interest. All demo classes will include course flow details, certification test examples, how other kids have done this course and small activity sessions, where kids will do small projects to understand more about the course and its learning.

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Course Certificates

We, Little Inventors are Stem Foundation partners and we have divided each course into 3 modules – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Module followed by a certification test. The certification test allows kids to showcase their learning with a final project. 

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Group/1:1 Courses

All courses are designed in such a way that we can conduct Group or 1:1 mode classes based on the kid’s interest and comfort level. We keep a maximum 3-4 kids in one group class.

About Us

Personality Development Courses

We offer personality development classes as well along with Robotics/Coding/Tuition/Language classes.
These courses are:

  • Entrepreneurship -The course is designed to introduce young learners (6-17 years old) to the concepts and skills involved in starting and running their own businesses.
  • Public speaking– Public Speaking Course can be a great way to help children develop effective communication skills. Our specialized course is designed to help them boost their confidence through interactive exercises, role-plays, and impromptu speaking.
  • Financial Literacy – In this course, we aim to provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to develop a strong foundation in financial literacy.

Our Courses

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    (Age 6+)

  • Makers

    (Age 9+)

  • Thinkers

    (Age 12+)

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Benefits of Little Inventors

At Little Inventors, our mission is to encourage each child to imagine and unlock their full potential by experimenting and creativity in fun filled environment.

Online 1:1 or Group Classes

Creative, Hands-On and Fun Environment
Highly Approachable Instructors
Varity of Courses with Practical Exercises & Solutions

Global Courses Covering Various Time zones

Offline innovative & creative institute

With 7+ years of education experience


Trained Students




Technology Courses


Experienced Trainers


Google Ratings

Students Projects

Gliding sprites Scratch project explained by shourya

Scratch Star chasing game explained by Ajira

basic bot demonstration by Shiv

Wonderful Prevent Flooding project explained by Reyansh cheeku

Humidity sensor Arduino project explained by Saanvi
kid explaining electrolysis project

Simple circuit explained by Gaureesh

kid explaining torch light project using IR sensor and rasberry pi project

kid explaining project which gives weight of object using arduino

kid learning 3d designing

kid designing 3D design using tinkercad

Inventothon-22 winners 6-9yrs

Inventothon-22 Winners - 9-12 yrs

Inventothon-22 Winners 12yrs+

WRO -Regional Round - Elementary category 2018

Price ceremony - Regional Category 2019

WRO - Regional Round - Elementary Category - 2019 - 3rd price

Regional Round - Elementary Category 2019 - Team 2

WRO Elementary Regional Round 2019 - Team 4 - 3rd price winner team

WRO 2019 Regional Round - 1st price winner team video

Neha, Diya and Priyangi have made Bluetooth control Arduino code to control light with App

Nihant's explanation about photo transistor

Diya and Avyukth's Temp sensor code

merry Christmast ...WeDo Santa is in city with lots of gifts

Kids made own App to control light in Arduino microcontroller with Bluetooth module

Kailash another milestone - Maker Bot

Nihant's explanation about photo transistor

Tharunika's awesome water Pump model

Ahaan's Electrolysis Experiment

Kids fav small OZOBOT - colors follower Bot

Ozobot folllowing one awesome colorful path

Let your child play and learn with Little Inventors

What people say 😊

Little Inventors has a great curriculum and exceeded my expectations with its interactive teaching methods, creative curriculum, and supportive environment. My child loved every moment and learned valuable coding skills while having fun. Highly recommended!

I am glad that I came across Little Inventors. The teachers of little inventors are very supportive and knowledgeable. My son is learning the python language with them. He previously learnt Application development program also with them. He really enjoys it. Thank you so much.

Both my kids have been learning python/machine learning from Little Inventors for some time now and they both enjoy the learning experience and have developed skills that are encouraged in today’s world. The way it was taught with hands-on experience was really great new things. The mentors do a great job in teaching and creating interest in the kids to learn and tryThanks to Shivani and the team for this opportunity!..

My son has been doing an Arduino Uno course for the last three months and he enjoys all the sessions very much. The teacher is also good, she explains the concept well and is very friendly with my son. He always looks forward to the class. 

Little inventors are doing a great job by encouraging kids of all age groups to develop different skills which helps in their overall growth.

Little Inventors is the best organization I have come across. I recently took a Spanish course(online) for my 8 year old son and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the course. The sessions were very interesting and interactive. They provide the best material to help my son learn as easily as possible. Thank you little Inventors. Keep up the good work.

My daughter has been attending classes with little inventors since the past two years. The best thing about Little Inventors is the personal bond that Shivani and all other instructors develop with the child. On any given day, her instructor can give me genuine feedback about my child. She has enjoyed all the courses she has attended with Little Inventors – be it robotics, Arduino or Python. I see a long and successful journey ahead with Little Inventors. Thank you and All the very best to the team!!

I really appreciate the teacher’s passion and patience shown by the teachers. My daughter has been attached to Little Inventors for more than 2 years. Her journey here is wonderful.

Improve logical and design thinking for your kids Outstanding curriculum, well experienced and tremendous trainers, and a great management to improve logical and abstract thinking!

I am very happy with the Spanish class that I took with little inventors. They have helped Rian to pass the assessment in his school to get into Spanish class in a month’s time. They are dedicated and always provide quick feedback to students to improve on their learning.

Excellent Learning experience for kids !!!
Little inventors give an experience of learning through concrete objects. Children pick the blocks, place them together, push them tightly not to come out, and do various other things. All of this develops better functions of movement and muscles and increases motor activity.

My 8 year old child is learning here…. there is a sea change …. really awesome at most easily affordable tariffs it is possible to make a reliable road to the future of the next generation…. kudos….no compliment can win these people

Little Inventors is an excellent platform for kids to learn about tools and applications in a constructive manner.It helps to develop their logical thinking while letting them explore their curiosity. My kid now enjoys spending time working on cool projects that make him think beyond routine academics. Teachers and staff are wonderful and the variety of courses available across age groups gives us so many options to choose from, as per child’s interest.

I am very happy that my kid BV Srikar has been a student with Shivani Jain for the last about 4 years.  Of late, he has been in academic tuitions too for Science and Math in addition to Coding.  Very affectionate Shivani Ji and sincere and expert teaching staff.  Punctual alerts and follow up by the coordinators. Shivaniji, go banyan.

Thank you Mam and appreciate all your efforts for driving this training so innovatively. My son really enjoyed the course.

Little Inventors is one of the best institutes teaching something which is very different from any other institute.
My son Arnav attended demo class and got attracted to the innovative and practical way of teaching.
Since joining, he has learned so much about sensors, programming and in general how things work. He is always excited to go to class and learn new things.
Instructors are very friendly and keep students engaged all the time with discussions and questions.
I would highly recommend little inventors for kids especially to learn skills which no school teaches.

After the initial inhibitions, my daughter has picked up the courses really well. The coding courses have helped her do better in terms of creativity, confidence and concentration skills.

Taking up the App development course with you was the best way to re energies my kids after a hectic day of schooling. It was an absolute joy to see their faces light up with excitement when they made a new app ! The classes were a great blend of coding concepts and fun ! Suma was an amazing teacher who was patient and encouraged my kids at every step of learning! A big thank you to Shivani for supporting and helping us all the way. Kudos to the entire team of Little Inventors for making learning fun and effective!

My son was one of initial joiners at little inventors in the Arduino program. The moment I attended the demo session I knew she is the right person and has the right program for my child’s exquisite nature. Each and Every class was new and exciting for him and he enjoyed it to the core. Shivani handles everything with utmost patience and kids love her.

With the humble beginning of Little Inventors 4 years back to inculcate love for science and Technology amongst children is beginning to bring its vision. My daughter started her journey with Little Inventors 2 years back and her journey had been immensely gratifying. She is excited about her small apps. Classes are conducted in a fun way to ignite interest and enthuse curiosity. Thank you Little Inventor Team, I could not have asked for more. Wish everyone in the team and Shivani Jain, co-founder who herself is a Technology enthusiast for her venture. Keep going team !.

This is Sridha’s mother,
Little inventors is the best
I’ve joined my child in many other academies but she didn’t like it
After joining her in little inventors, she started loving coding a lot…Teachers are also very good at explaining…they are very patient…Shivani ji is always cooperative…Shivani ji’s love towards my daughter cannot be described in words…I suggest all parents to join their kids in little inventors😊
Thank you.

My daughter learnt electrical circuits and Arduino coding from Ms Shivani. She really enjoyed learning these skills. Shivani teaches kids in a way which is not only fun but makes even complex concepts easy for kids to understand and comprehend. She doesn’t hesitate to go that extra mile for her students’ learning. The exposure that my daughter got during the science exhibition was very enriching for her. She is really looking forward to her next level of learning at little inventors. Thank you so much Shivani for always being approachable and understanding towards your students.

Hi, this is one of the best things happened to my kid, we r fully satisfied with the way of teaching and the teacher’s approach to the concept 😊, looking forward for more collaborations, thank you LITTLE INVENTORS Team👍🏽

As a kid, my son Shlok has always been interested in blocks, legos, shapes and drawings. As a parent we never knew that this interest can be further developed in the form of coding. Robotics helped us develop Shlok’s interest to the next level. The journey into coding has been quite easy & comfortable because of the teachers

Shivani is a good mentor and is able to suggest courses required based on the child’s capabilities and pays special attention to each child. My daughter learnt a lot under her.

Little Inventors is the first organization I started working with, Shivani mam has been very supportive throughout. All the team members are so kind and respectful towards each other and it is very overwhelming. I have taught more than 20 students yet and everyone was very cooperative and understanding. It’s a great place to work.

Being an instructor at little inventors is a great privilege for me.it provides very structured courses to children of any age group.connecting little minds is very interesting ,you will get to know how a child thinks and apply the knowledge. It’s our topmost priority that kids get technically aware of things.

I started my career by joining Little Inventors Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Human Resource Manager & Operations Head. The employees here are always maintaining their team spirit & having a positive attitude towards work. Another great thing about working at Little Inventors is that there is always something challenging happening which sharpens your abilities and everyday is filled with new learning opportunities. I look forward to making a full career at Little Inventors by achieving the expectations placed in front of me.

Little Inventors was the organization where I started my career. Working with the LI team was the turning point of my life. It was a great experience working at LI. The entire crew was very supportive and really passionate about what they are doing. LI provides the best learning experience for students in most of the latest technical fields

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Little Inventors, where I had the pleasure of working as a Graphic Designer.One thing that stood out to me was the company’s dedication to providing informative courses for children. As someone who values education, I was thrilled to see the team’s commitment to empowering young minds and encouraging creativity.The company’s focus on education, innovation, and community make it a wonderful place to work and learn. Thank you to the team for the fantastic experience!

Little Inventors helps tech enthusiastic children and students to get quality Technical education in their formative years and for all age groups.

Being a part of the Little Inventor Family as an Instructor is a very delightful experience of Teaching and Learning. The course content is structured which allows students to learn effectively. Student learnings and understandings are priorities of ours as an Instructor.

It is one of the best Online Learning Classes. Very Friendly colleagues. I joined as a Trainer here and I teach Python, the HR is very Friendly and all the tasks are crystal clear. As a Trainer I would say the teaching process and meeting sessions are very nice and effective. All the contents are created in such a way that children will understand it in a very easy way, there is learning with joy. No Pressure at all on the Trainers as well.

It was a great experience working at LI. The entire crew was very supportive and really passionate about what they are doing. thank you

Both my sons really enjoy coding with Little Inventors. They are excited for each and every class. They have happy and joyful stories about what they are learning. They can’t wait for the next class. We have been living in the US and coordinating with Shivani Ji from Little Inventors. She handles the teachers, students and parents with patience. The teachers are very good and patient too with the kids. This is not an easy virtue in the service profession. My little one is 9 years old and started his digital journey during Covid. Little Inventors is helping him in scaling up beautifully. My kids are actually not learning coding. They are learning while having fun!!!

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