Basic Electronics Circuits

You may be someone with no prior programming or electronics knowledge but wants to explore the field. Welcome on board! Let’s get to know what it is!

Electric circuits are paths for moving electricity. Such circuits allow electricity to be used to provide power to lights, appliances, and many other devices. Scientists have studied electricity for hundreds of years. But it was not until the early 1800s that they learned how to create a continuous flow of electricity and then to channel that electricity through the use of a circuit.

Join our course to learn electronics to design & build useful circuits.

About This Course!

This is a course that will take you step by step from zero to hero in the field of electronics.

You will be taught various rudimentary electronics concepts as a part of this course. In order to make it an effective way of learning, we provide kids with necessary electronic components and connectors and guide them in creating or designing circuits. Kits can also be purchased and delivered to your home for online courses.

Practical learning is the best way to make kids understand theoretical concepts. The course is structured in such a way that they will be taught from basics of electronic concepts to circuit connection. They will also be taught how to create simple applications using various circuit components.This course is ideal for kids of age 6 years or above.

What you’ll learn!


Module – 1

Here you will be introduced to the world of Circuits and learn about Electronic concepts. You’ll create various simple circuits using batteries, rocket switches etc.

E.g. Buzzer model, fan model


Module – 2

In this module you will be introduced to various types of Motors. Designing different circuits with the help of DC Motors.

E.g. Automatic dish cleaner, two wheeler car


Module – 3

This is the last module of the course, here you will learn to make complex circuit connections.

E.g. 4 wheeler car, Automatic moving man, bug model etc


Certification test

Our course will be wrapped by a certification project where you’ll have to use the skills you gained from our course to implement the Circuits & Electronics concepts and ultimately build a circuit.

E.g. Bug model, Helicopter

Student Projects

Student Project

kid explaining electrolysis project

Simple circuit explained by Gaureesh

Water level Buzzer alarm Explained by Amaira

Tiirath and Agastya explaining led project using 9v battery

shaan explaining fan model using dc motor

Inventothon-22 - Submission - Hardik Agarwal

Moving Man ( Simple DC toy motor project)

Automatic Sharpener with DC toy motor

Automatic bell with household stuff and DC motor

Automatic bell with DC motor

Water Boat with DC toy motor

Kailash's Bread board Experiment with many Leds

Tharunika's awesome water Pump model

Automatic Street Light by Anika

Nihant's explanation about photo transistor

Ahaan's Electrolysis Experiment

Electrolysis process/experiment by Anika

Electrolysis process/experiment by Anika

Advaith's Electrolysis process with water

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