Hour Of Code

Do you wish to design games, do some fun art works, learn to code?

Hour of Code creates a fun and creative environment for students to be introduced to the concepts of computer programming. Hour of Code(https://code.org/learn) raises the bar even further by inspiring students to discover new ways of thinking and expressing themselves through technology.It is a simple and fun way to introduce students to coding.

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About This Course!

Students will learn programming concepts through a drag and dropping the blocks, which will enhance their understanding of the language. They will also be taught how to create simple applications using various blocks.This course is ideal for kids age 6 or above. This course is offered in offline and online mode and Kids registered in this course will need either a laptop, Ipad, tab or PC(windows,IOS) and a good internet connection to start learning

What you’ll learn!


Module – 1

In this module you will learn to design games, art and digital stories. We’ll use drag-and-drop programming to make your own games like Flappy bird, Dance party, Angry bird etc

E.g. Creating own game with amazing actors that can interact, score points, throw microbots, Flappy Game, Grinch Christmas Game, Play Lab Game, Big Duck face



Module – 2

Here, you’ll learn concepts of computer programming like loop, conditions and functions. You will animate adventurous games and code your favourite characters from star wars, hot wheels etc.

E.g. Minecraft, Blockly games etc


Certification test

In the end students will be assessed based on a certification project they build on their own by the skills gained during the term of the course.

E.g. Run Macro, Classic maze etc

Student Projects

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