Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego Mindstorms is a versatile robotics platform that combines Lego building blocks, sensors, motors, and computer bricks to create programmable robots. With its user-friendly hardware and software structure, Lego Mindstorms allows users to design and control their own mechanical systems. The system is powered by Lego bricks, providing an engaging and creative way to learn about robotics and programming.

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About This Course!

This comprehensive course offers hands-on instruction on building robots with various sensors, as well as coding techniques to control their functionalities. Students will gain practical experience in creating their own customized bots.

The course is delivered through offline mode, and registered students are required to have a laptop, iPad, tablet, or PC (Windows, iOS) along with a reliable internet connection to access the learning materials.

By enrolling in this course, students will receive professional guidance and support to explore the exciting world of robotics, empowering them to design and construct their own unique robotic creations.


What you’ll learn!



In this module, students will gain a foundational understanding of key concepts, including constructing a base robot, installing software and firmware, and becoming familiar with essential software tools.

  • Learn to build a base robot as a fundamental building block in robotics.
  • Installing software and firmware for robot control.
  • Introduction to essential software tools.

E.g. GenBot, Trike Bot, Hexapod, Drawing Bot.



In this module, students will explore sensors and their functionalities, gaining a fundamental understanding of how sensors detect and measure physical phenomena. They will learn about different types of sensors, their applications, and how to interface them with electronic systems. This module provides a solid foundation in sensor technology for real-world applications.

  • Introduction to various types of sensors
  • Programming with brick buttons
  • Sensor programming techniques
  • Functions, variables, and data types introduction

    Line follower Bot, Obstacle Avoider Bot, Bot by using 2-3 sensors.



In this module, students learn programming concepts such as arrays, loops, data logging, and mathematical operations to enhance the functionality of the bot. They gain the skills to create complex and intelligent programs.

  • Understanding the concept of arrays in programming.
  • Implementing a proportional line follower algorithm.
  • Exploring data logging and its applications.
  • Applying squaring operations to line-following algorithms.
  • Enhancing precision and accuracy in line tracking.


E.g. Robot Arm, Motor Bike, Gorilla Bot, Drawing Robot



The course concludes with a certification test, where students engage in practical projects.It involves programming the bot to follow a designated path. Upon sensing an object, the bot is tasked with picking it up and safely delivering it to a designated home location. Successful completion of the certification test demonstrates their competence in robotics and automation.

Student Projects


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