Flutter App Development

Flutter is a powerful, cross-platform mobile development framework. It allows developers to create beautiful native applications for iOS and Android using a single codebase. With its “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) approach, Flutter eliminates the need for extensive recompilation, enabling developers to deploy their apps on various platforms effortlessly. Leveraging its rich widget library and reactive programming model, Flutter delivers visually appealing and high-performance user interfaces. With hot reload for rapid development and Dart’s efficiency, Flutter enables seamless deployment on smartphones, tablets, and other devices, ensuring consistent experiences across different screen sizes and form factors.

About This Course!

Master Flutter and Dart development with this comprehensive course. Learn from the ground up, step-by-step, and build engaging native mobile apps for Android and iOS.
After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. This course goes beyond the basics, diving deeply into Flutter and Dart to make you an advanced developer.
  2. Develop stunning user interfaces and implement advanced functionality with confidence.
  3. Gain expertise in editing, compiling, and debugging Flutter apps, and learn to design algorithms and create classes with multiple methods
  4. Explore advanced features like Google Maps integration, camera usage, image uploading.
  5. How to Implement authentication, push notifications in the app.

    Start your journey to becoming a proficient Flutter and Dart developer today.

What you’ll learn!



Students are taken through the introduction parts of the Java programming language. They learn about the
● Syntax of the language,
● Data types,
● Conditional statements and
● Looping statements.

    E.g. Calculate grade from marks, Check for Palindrome, Check for Armstrong number, Pattern Printing



    The Students learn about Widgets & theming, building responsive & Adaptive User Interfaces, Multi-Screens Apps & Navigating between the Screens. Managing App-wide state(“PROVIDER” State Management), adding Animations, Handling User Input & Working with Forms.



    The students learn how to use Firebase ,Push notifications ,Authentication for better security, Connecting a Backend & Sending HTTP requests, Using Native Device Features like camera ,image picker, location package, google maps API and many more.


    Certification Project

    In the end students will be assessed based on a certification project they build from scratch on their own.

    E.g. Chat application along with firebase, Ecommerce application using CRUD operations.

    Student Projects

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