IoT using Node MCU

Let’s Imagine a world, where “things” are able to talk to a network, internet, to themselves and be able to perform actions? Now that’s the world of IoT. Making an IoT product is an act of connecting any physical object to the internet or local network to collect and share data and perform some physical act according to available data. NodeMCU is an open source LUA based firmware development kit that plays a vital role in IoT. Multiple GPIO pins on the board allow us to connect the board with a sensor and at the same time the board is connected to the internet.

About This Course!

Students will get familiarized with IoT applications and its basic concepts. The main purpose of this course is to encourage learning experimentation and innovation for students. IoT with NodeMCU will allow students to build their coding skills with the IoT platform and API.

This course is ideal for those who have completed Arduino based microcontroller courses and have knowledge of programming with arduino IDE and sensor interfaces. This course is offered online and offline mode and kids registered will require a basic IoT NodeMCU kit, laptop/PC and good internet connection.

What you’ll learn!



In beginner level students will learn basics of IoT and sensor interfaces and to write code for them. They will learn to connect different modules and display their data as well as to analysis them.

E.g. LED blink, Control Relay with NodeMCU



Students will learn to interface multiple sensors together and write codes for them. They will learn to process and write the codes for different modules together and send data to the API. Learn to access data with different APIs.

E.g. Door Status Monitor using the ESP8266 and IFTTT ESP8266 NodeMCU Web Server – AP and STA modes



In advanced level students will learn to send and receive data in realtime and to access sensors from remote locations. Learn IoT based real time data processing and access based projects.

E.g. NodeMCU Data Logger to save Temperature and Pressure on Cloud Platform IoT based Home Security System Using PIR Sensor, NodeMCU ESP8266, and Adafruit IO


Certification test

At the end of the advanced level students will be assessed based on a certification on their own. They will make projects based on their learning from the course.

E.g. IoT based Home Security System Using PIR Sensor, NodeMCU ESP8266, and Adafruit IO. Bidirectional Visitor Counter using ESP8266 & Ubidots MQTT

Student Projects

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