Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is essential in today’s digital age to protect individuals, organizations, and governments from cyber threats. Our specialized course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in cybersecurity. Through interactive lessons and hands-on exercises, students will learn about various cyber threats, such as malware, phishing, and hacking, and how to defend against them. We’ll empower students to safeguard sensitive information, secure networks, and mitigate cyber risks effectively. Join us to explore the exciting world of cybersecurity and become a guardian of the digital realm!


About This Course!

Students will learn various concepts in Cyber Security through a Theoretical and practical-based approach, which will enhance their understanding of Cyber Security.This course is ideal for kids aged 10 or above who spend time online (YouTube, gaming, social media, etc)

Parents who want to know how to keep their kids safe online even if they are completely new to Cyber Security or want to improve their knowledge. Hundreds of millions of people lose their personal information to hacks, but by following good cybersecurity practices, you can stay safe.

It’s essential for any kids going online to understand the cybersecurity attacks that happen everyday. This hour-long course is perfect for kids as they start using YouTube, social media, playing video games, and more.

What you’ll learn!


Basic Module

Understanding Cybersecurity Basics, Fundamental concept of cybersecurity, including its importance and relevance in modern society. They’ll gain insights into different types of hackers, their motivations, and common cyber threats. Malware identification, understanding, and mitigation, including common cyber attacks.

E.g. types of hackers, CIA Triad, Malwares, Cyber Attacks, Social engineering


Intermediate Module

Students will engage in hands-on activities like using Kali Linux and simulating phishing attacks, gaining practical experience in cybersecurity tools and techniques and Understanding of wifi attacks, secure online practices, and ethical considerations in cybersecurity. Hands-on experience in Protecting Devices and Networks while In-depth knowledge of authentication mechanisms, password management, and creation of strong passwords. Awareness of social media risks, common scams, and methods to protect devices using antivirus software and VPNs.

E.g. Wi-Fi and Website attacks, Authentication mechanisms, Online behavior.


Advanced Module

Introduction to incident response procedures and various career opportunities in the cybersecurity field. Analysis of the impact of social media, legal aspects of cybersecurity, and mobile security considerations. Knowledge of mobile usage management, safe browsing practices, and email communication etiquette.

E.g. Impact of Social media, Cyber laws, Kali Linux and Safe Browsing, Email Etiquette.


Certification test

In the end, students will be assessed based on a theoretical and practical exam, They will be given a real life scenario and asked to react accordingly.



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