3D Modeling using Blender

Blender is a fantastic software choice for beginners interested in 3D modeling, as it provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features. As an open-source 3D creation suite, Blender covers the entire 3D pipeline, making it a versatile choice for various tasks including modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing, and even game creation.

About This Course!

This course is ideal for children aged 10 and up who are brand new to 3D modeling or who want to pursue the arts.
This course is offered in offline and online mode and students registered in this course will need a laptop or PC(windows, Mac IOS) and a good internet connection to start learning.

What you’ll learn!



  • The Basic course focuses on introducing students to Blender, a powerful 3D creation suite. 
  • Students will learn the basics of Blender, including downloading and installing the software, navigating the user interface, and utilizing key binds for efficient workflow. 
  • Students will then explore the process of adding shapes, setting up cameras and lighting, and entering Edit mode to manipulate objects. 
  • Additionally, they will learn how to apply materials to their shapes and culminate the module by creating their first model using the skills acquired throughout the lessons.

E.g. chair, table etc.



  • Students will learn how to create a house model, add an environment, learn rendering techniques, and explore modifiers to enhance their models.
  • By the end of the module, they will have developed skills.
E.g. modeling, environment creation, rendering, and modifiers.


Isometric Rooms

  • Students will learn how to build an isometric room using Blender by creating a room with an isometric perspective. 
  • They will then add furniture and other decorations to populate the room, giving it a detailed appearance.
  • Techniques for shading and adding appropriate lighting will be covered to enhance the visual quality of the scene. 
  • Students will also be guided on finalizing the room and rendering high-quality isometric images.
  • By the end of this module, students will have the skills to create visually appealing isometric room designs using Blender.



    Students will be graded on their ability to model a scene and bring new models and set them up into making a beautiful scene and render it.

    Student Projects


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