Every language is unique and has its own perks. It provides one with a new perspective of the world and helps them learn more about a Country’s history and traditions. Korean has a different writing system which can help students challenge themselves by learning a new language. Korean culture is rich in customs and traditions. Beyond the modern popular culture that is taking the world by storm, there is a vast Korean history waiting to be discovered and the easiest way to do that is by learning Korean language which will provide one with lifelong benefits.

About the Course

This course aims not just on making students fluent in a foreign language but also inculcates politeness and mindfulness that Korean people practice full heartedly by making them familiar with the history, popular food, clothes, festivals, customs and traditions.

This course is beginners friendly, which makes it easier for kids to start their journey from scratch. Certificates will be provided after completion of course.

Offered Levels

Basic A1 and A2 level

Students will start understanding words and very basic phrases when people are speaking slowly and clearly. They will be able to start guessing everyday material like newspapers, texts, advertisements, and vocabulary. They will be able to write short simple notes or write thank you

Intermediate B1 and B2 level

At this stage one starts understanding extended speech and lectures, they can in fact enjoy korean drama without facing much problem with understanding the language. They can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity while being around native speakers.

Advanced C1 and C2 level

Students will be able to participate effortlessly into any conversation. They will be able to talk and understand people smoothly. They will perfect writing smoothly-flowing text in an appropriate manner with effective logical structure.

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