Our comprehensive English course is designed to meet the diverse needs of learners at various proficiency levels, whether you are a beginner or aiming to improve your skills. Progress from foundation to fluency and enhance your English language.
For those who only wish to master the skill to speak English confidently can opt for our Spoken English Course designed to equip you to communicate effectively.

About This Course!

Our English course covers a wide range of topics and language components. From grammar and vocabulary building to pronunciation and cultural insights, we provide a holistic approach to building a good foundation in English. The classes are conducted both in offline and online mode. 

What you’ll learn!



  • Learn basic grammar -Nouns, adjectives, verbs, articles, pronouns, tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, modals, punctuation, adverbs, and conditionals.
  • Learn different forms of greetings, how to pronounce words clearly,etc.
  • Develop foundation in reading through short stories, and excerpts from books.
  • Improve listening skills through audio exercises.
  • Learn to spell different words.
  • Learn to make simple sentences.



  • Make your communication more effective by listening to audio recordings, and dialogues, you will improve your ability to comprehend different accents, follow conversations, and extract information from various sources.
  • Improve your vocabulary by learning new words everyday.
  • Writing -Enhance your writing skills by learning how to structure paragraphs, write essays, express opinions, and communicate ideas.
  • Learn how to create personal information through bio data, resume, CV.



  • Interactive and engaging, activities including group discussions, role-plays and multimedia resources.
  • Developing strong reading skills crucial for understanding written texts, extracting information, and interpreting ideas.
  • Gain knowledge on Vocabulary – Learn new words, idioms, phrasal verbs, and expressions to enrich your language repertoire.
  • Learn to make well structured and detailed text on complex subjects.


Certification test

The certification test is designed to assess your English language skills across multiple domains, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The test consists of various sections that evaluate your proficiency in each skill area consisting of multiple-choice questions, writing prompts, listening exercises, and speaking tasks.


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