App Development using MIT App Inventor

Want your kids to start their journey into coding? MIT App Inventor is a great place to start. It is a visual programming environment( that allows children to build fully functional apps for smartphones.

Kids learning MIT App Inventor will be able to develop a simple first app in less than 30 minutes. It is a blocks-based programming tool that allows kids to visually program an app in less time and with less complexity than traditional programming environments.

About This Course!

Students will get familiarized with the tools in MIT App inventor and practice app development using it. This platform has 2 different sections Design and Blocks.

In the design section, we need to add all the components and should arrange them as per the output. In the blocks section, we will be designing the actual code which resembles the action that needs to be performed by the components in our application.

This course is ideal for kids age 8 or above who are completely new to Programming or want to practice their skills with more challenges.

This course is offered in offline and online mode and Kids registered in this course will need either a laptop, Ipad, tab, or PC (windows, IOS) and a good internet connection to start learning.

What you’ll learn!



Working with text boxes, buttons, and how to connect with emulator Learn about how to navigate from one screen to another Working with images and using alignments.

E.g. Calculator, Alarm app, Login page, etc.



Working with the voice module to hear some voice upon giving inputs. Creating a database for storing the data using tiny db, firebase, etc.

E.g. Digital doodle, Quiz game, shopping cart, etc.



Working with Cloud DB for storing the data Adding several other components like camera and video player etc.

E.g. age calculator, dairy app, chat app, and games like coin collector, ping-pong game, etc.


Certification test

In the end, students will be assessed based on a certification project built on their own.

E.g. Mini-golf, Football, etc.

Student Project

Inventothon-22 - Submission - Bv raja srikar sharma, Sri Sanvitha Tirumalareddy

Student Projects

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