Arduino Programming

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform. Arduino boards are able to read inputs using sensors like press of a button, process it and turn it into an output like activating a motor or turning on an LED. With Arduino, kids will build solutions to real world problems like automated street lighting, automated parking, home automation etc. Students will be provided with all the required parts like Arduino board, sensors, capacitors, resistors, motors for in-person classes. Alternatively kits can be purchased and delivered to your home for online courses.

About This Course!

Arduino is a rapid prototyping board for creating hardware and software solutions to the problems around us. This course is ideal for kids of age 9 years and above who are completely new to Arduino or want to hone their skills with more challenges.

Kids registered in-person courses are provided with all the necessary electronics components to get started quickly. Students will start using Arduino IDE to create software programs to solve problems.

What you’ll learn!



Kids will learn how to work with arduino IDE and connections of led’s and sensors.

E.g. Automatic Flashing of LEDs in a definite pattern, Traffic Light System, Burglar Alarm System, Sound Automation System



Working with multiple sensors and learning about how to combine two sensors. Downloading and Adding different libraries.

E.g. Smart Water Level Indicator, Smart Doorbell System, Smart Irrigation system using soil moisture sensor, Digital Thermometer System



Working on automation and learning advanced concepts in coding and circuits.Making sound, play and record music. Display text on a liquid crystal display.

E.g. Automatic Parking System, Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit, Stage Light Mixer, Automatic Door Opening System, Radar System.


Robotics Module

Making various robots like

  • Obstacle Avoiding bot
  • Self Balancing bot
  • Line follower Bot
  • Fire Fighting bot

E.g. Smart Water Level Indicator, Smart Doorbell System, Smart Irrigation system using soil moisture sensor, Digital Thermometer System


Certification test

In the end students will be assessed based on a certification project they build on their own.

E.g. Traffic light system, Smart irrigation system etc.

Student Projects

Student Project

Inventothon-22 - Submission -Riddhiman Ghosh
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Lakshya Reddy, Rahamatullah & Vaheen Gopisetty
Inventothon-22 - Submission - Patlola Pranav Reddy
Manihas, Anirudhan and Arnav's project with relay + bluetooth module + App + Arduino uno
Neha, Diya and Priyangi have made Bluetooth control Arduino code to control light with App

Aarush's Automatic Water planting system with Arduino

Diya and Avyukth's Temp sensor code
kids made own App to control light in Arduino microcontroller with Bluetooth module

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