Vedic Maths

Our Vedic Maths course offers a comprehensive approach tailored to learners of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, our program provides a structured pathway to master mental calculations and advanced mathematical techniques with ease and efficiency. Unlock your mathematical potential and boost your problem-solving abilities with our comprehensive approach.

About This Course!

Our Vedic Math course is crafted to guide learners through the intricacies of ancient mathematical techniques, from foundational concepts to advanced strategies. This method is best suited for kids in grade 3 to 8.

Our experts make learning easy and fun and break down complex mathematical concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. With our guidance, you’ll build confidence in mental calculations and unlock the secrets of Vedic Maths effortlessly. Join us and discover the joy of mastering math the Vedic way!”

What you’ll learn!


Basic Module
  • Addition- Consecutive Numbers of Addition. Finding digit sums to simplify calculations which helps in checking calculations for accuracy.
  • Subtraction- Special Method which is useful for subtraction
  • Special Multiplication- Suitable for multiplying two-digit numbers mentally.
  • Special Division- Techniques for quick Division. HISTORY of Vedic Math


Intermediate Module
  • Advanced level Addition- on1D,2D,3D involves a general Method for all numbers.
  • Without Borrowing Subtraction Method- on 1D,2D,3D
  • Special Method which is useful for subtraction
  • Advanced Multiplication- 2D, which is suitable for multiplying two-digit numbers
  • Division Specific includes rules for quickly determining if a number is divisible by another number and helps in simplifying long division.


Advanced Module
  • 4D Addition Technique and 3D,4D,5D Subtraction Special technique.
  • Base No. MULTIPLICATION 10 to 100.
  • Digital Roots (Ekanyunena Purvena): Similar to digit sums, but extended to roots of numbers. Useful for divisibility checks and simplifying calculations.
  • Square Roots (Vargamulam): Includes methods like “completing the square” and “splitting the middle term”. Techniques for approximating square roots and useful for finding square roots of perfect squares mentally.
  • Cubing and Cube Roots (Vilokanam): Advanced techniques for cubing and finding cube


Certification test

The certification test is designed to assess your Vedic Maths skills across multiple domains from basic arithmetic technique to advanced algebraic manipulation based on their grade. The test consists of various sections that evaluate your proficiency in each skill area consisting of multiple-choice questions.

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