Few people always seek to learn new things and very easy things early. For such people our little inventors have introduced a language which is very interesting, exciting and also easier to learn. Telugu is the most spoken language nowadays in almost all of the countries of our world. Telugu has a substantial number of speakers worldwide. It serves as a medium of communication for millions of people, both within and outside the Telugu-speaking regions. Telugu holds a significant presence in the fields of literature, cinema, music, and fine arts, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of India.

About This Course!

This course aims on speaking, listening and writing skills. To learn this language there are no prerequisites needed. The Telugu language encompasses a vast vocabulary, offering a plethora of words and expressions to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Its grammar, syntax, and phonetics are structured in a way that allows for nuanced communication. From colloquial phrases to poetic verses, Telugu lends itself to a diverse range of linguistic expressions. This language also teaches us the way to live. We have a curriculum based on the grade in which the student is. 


This language is divided into three courses:


What you’ll learn!



Students will get to know about the alphabets of this language here. We will make them try to speak a few basic words i.e., here we concentrate mostly from the scratch level until the pronunciation level.



      This stage is for the students who can speak and write basic words. Here we teach them how to frame sentences and grammar of the Telugu language. From here on, the fluency with spontaneity will start and you can enjoy the nativity of the language here.



At this stage, students will be indulged in communicating only in telugu language and write proper text in telugu. Also, we conduct conversation for the students with native people which helps them to improve their telugu speaking skills.

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