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What makes learning fun? How Little Inventors does it

Times have changed today. All we hear about nowadays is how kids always have to be market-ready. We want every student to be ecstatic about learning and schooling. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. Very often, we do come across the saying that ‘learning is fun’, but we have to remember that it is our duty to make the kids want to learn. So, we at Little Inventors have come up today with five such techniques to find out what makes learning actually fun. Not only we do love to incorporate these techniques into our curriculum but also would like to share them with y’all. So, let’s explore some of the ways in which we can spark interest in their minds and make learning much more engaging.

1. Encourage Group works

Whenever students work together, they recollect information quicker and longer. They develop critical thinking, build their communication skills, and foster cooperative learning. So, start encouraging group works among kids and let them work on simple yet interesting projects in a group, minus the pressure.

2. Involve hands-on activities in the curriculum

Enter: hands-on learning. Hands-on activities are an extremely fun way to learn and interact. Try incorporating alphabet activities, science projects, or geography activities with 3D maps and props in your curriculum. The importance hands-on learning holds, for your kid’s career paths is endless.

3. Give your kids a quick Brain Break

What we chiefly try to incorporate into our curriculum at Little Inventors, is to let kids have a quick brain break between their lessons. For most teachers, it’s super easy to observe and feel when students are in need of a quick pick-me-up. And this small quick break eventually helps them to mentally rejuvenate and start again all afresh.

4. Technology makes learning fun

What makes learning fun? There’s a one-word answer to this. The answer is technology. Go ahead with classroom apps, projectors, or tabletop computers. But make sure that they’re using these electronic gadgets, no more than a stipulated time duration, which otherwise, can result in certain health hazards

5. What’s more fun than a field trip?

Field trips are a great way for students to connect with what they are learning in school. Not only do they get a hands-on view of everything they learned in school, but also they try to understand what they learned from what they are seeing at the exhibit.

Final thoughts

Now that we know what makes learning fun, let’s just remember that childhood is a journey and certainly not a race. Keeping this in mind, we at Little Inventors have come up with an extensive number of STEM courses chiefly designed for kids, to motivate them with the basics of coding. This includes Python programming for kids, Programming in Scratch, coding courses for kids, best java certification course online, game development courses online, and several others.  Interested already? Visit our page and the kinds of services we offer for kids! Browse our classes by coding classes for kids near me and book your free trial class.
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