Feb 17, 2024 | Education

Neuroplasticity: How to take advantage of a unique biological phenomenon to boost your child’s learning.

Neuroplasticity: The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience.

Neuroplasticity is an ability of the brain, which, when understood, will open up new ways for us to learn and understand things better. This ability allows the brain to change and create new connections (new learning stimuli) in response to new things we learn. For example, when a child learns to walk, the brain establishes new neural pathways dedicated to motor skills. This adaptability also includes cognitive functions, language acquisition, and emotional regulation.

This rewiring ability is at its peak during childhood, and it decreases along with the course of one’s life. Thus, it is crucial to lay the groundwork, in this phase, of neural pathways that will serve your child for the rest of their life. In these formative years, a child’s brain is akin to a sponge, absorbing experiences and molding neural connections.

In laying this groundwork, the role of parents is pivotal. By engendering positive experiences for your child, like engaging interactions and diverse learning opportunities, such as those offered by Little Inventors, your child’s high neuroplasticity will lend itself to forming these crucial connections. Conversely, a lack of stimulation may hinder the development of these neural connections.

Engaging activities are key to promoting neuroplasticity. Interactive games, puzzles, and educational toys not only provide entertainment but also stimulate different areas of the brain. Encourage your child to explore their surroundings, ask questions, and solve problems. This not only fosters cognitive development but also enhances their ability to adapt and learn in various situations.

In Conclusion:

The type of connections that gets built inside the brains of the young ones, forms a strong foundation for their future selves. Little Inventors’ offer various courses which are specifically designed for kids aging 6 – 16 years young, to help build a strong foundation. Our Robotics and Coding program provides courses like 3D Designing, App Development, Programming Languages, Lego Web 2.0 and much more which help with development of essential skills like cognitive, logic and spatial reasoning and creative skills that will prove crucial in their career defining phase.

This is  a unique opportunity to set your child’s developmental journey apart from those of others. These courses, offered on our website, both online and offline, are crafted to harness neuroplasticity by combining interactive, hands-on learning with technology, and are designed to give your child a head-start in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM fields from an early age. Book for a free demo class and let’s build your child’s future together.   

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