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Find out why Coding is fun!

Coding. Cars run on it, computers can’t work without it, and infrastructures today are solely based on it. For every step in your life and every technology you touch upon, coding is the language that rules it. Kids today, are taught coding at their schools, it’s no more constrained within a book chapter for the ‘nerds’. We switch on our television sets and commercials flash across our screen, ‘Anybody can code’, ‘Coding is fun!’

So, keeping all these in mind, we at Little Inventors, have come up with some fun facts about Coding that you might have never known. Let’s take a dive.

  1. Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer!

Yes, you heard that right. The first computer programmer was none other than a renowned female mathematician, Ada Lovelace. Born in London on December 10, 1815, Lovelace, was the daughter of the renowned poet Lord Byron, who was an extremely talented mathematician. She devised a theory about coding such a machine that can calculate the Bernoulli numbers. And the rest became history!

  1. Did you know that there are 700 separate programming languages in total?

Yes, that’s huge! Amid this list, some of the most popular ones are JavaScript, Swift, Scala, Python, PHP, Go, Rust, Ruby, and C#. 

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  1. Coding helped end World War II

Computer programming languages were extremely instrumental in ending World War II. Alan Turing, just like Lovelace, helped the allies to end World War II up to a close. And one of his major contributions was to break the Enigma machine, mostly used by the Nazis for their military communications. So yes, coding is fun but also it is lucrative! 

  1.  FORTRAN – The first Programming language

FORTRAN proved beneficial for computer scientists in the fields of numerical weather prediction, geophysics, and crystallography. Interestingly, FORTRAN is still used today as one of the most powerful computer programming languages.

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  1. Not just kids, but owners of large tech companies love video games too!

Very often, we do wonder that kids are the only ones who love video games. But that’s not fair, to say the least! Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple, found their first success by developing their own video game called Breakout. So, the next time you see your kids playing video games, instead of scolding them, try to spark a ray of motivation in their minds. After all, coding is fun! 



Most of us very often,  get tired of coding for endless hours. But we at Little Inventors hope that these cool and fun facts about coding have refreshed your mind, in and out!  With live 1:1 best online coding classes for kids, robotics kits for kids, tech fests, and global courses over various time zones, we instill in the minds of children that coding is fun! So, be rest assured, that we provide the best coding classes for kids in India. 

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