Jul 4, 2022 | Education, Technology

5 little known uses of coding

Coding is the language of present and future. With codes taking over the world today, teachers and parents often talk about coding as a daily need. However, there’s much more to coding than it meets the eye. But fret not. With adequate practice and interest, coding still can remain cool, fun, and creative for your kids. So, we at Little Inventors present to you today, some of the little-known uses of coding. Let’s get started.

1.    Coding ‘powers up’ your brain

Amid all the other uses of coding, learning to code has some major cognitive benefits. Did you know that creative problem solving and critical  thinking are all a part of your cognitive benefits for your kids?  Studies reveal that coding often reduces the chances of several degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

2.    As important as reading and writing!

With its ever-increasing growth, coding today is considered to be the part and parcel of everyday life. Even coding can be way easier than writing for students who struggle with language mechanics. So regardless of which part of your brain is in charge, the best way to learn is – Practice!

3.    Non-tech industries also use coding

Fret not. You don’t have to work in MNCs or with big tech giants to use coding. Today 70% of the coding jobs are in those career fields which are not at all connected with technology.

4. Smartphones run on more complicated codes than NASA’s computers 

Yes, you heard that right. This means that the code that sent man to space back in 1969, was way less complicated than the code that runs your smartphone, every day.

 5. Computers use binary code to store data.

Question remains what is Binary Codes? The answer is simple. They are 0s and 1s. No wonder the computer’s software and codes are written using only 0s and 1s, which runs the world today.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we have come across five little-known uses of coding, it should be realized that although the inferences of coding from the outside may look good on a resume, coding actually does boost skills that are extremely useful and demanding today. And keeping all these uses of coding in mind, we at Little Inventors have come up with an extensive number of STEM and coding courses chiefly designed for kids, to motivate them with the basics of coding. This includes programming in JavaScript, Python programming for kids, Programming in Scratch, game development courses online, and several others.  Interested already? Visit our page and the kinds of services we offer for kids! Browse our classes by coding classes for kids near me and book your free trial class.

With live 1:1 best online coding classes for kids, robotics kits for kids,  tech fests, and global courses over various time zones be rest assured that we provide the best coding classes for kids in India. Start believing in your kids, and anything is possible!

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