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What is game development and how does it benefit kids

While direct exposure to screens for a prolonged duration of time, is found to be detrimental for kids’ physical and mental health, research (in some cases) suggests quite the opposite. Studies reveal that kids who play video games (during specified time periods and not all day) have better spatial consciousness, strategic intellect, and, most importantly, computer fluency.

So, why not take advantage of their benefits and help them learn game design? We at Little Inventors have come up today to talk about what is game development and how it duly benefits kids. Let’s get started.

Why Game Development?

The green flags of early exposure to STEM education have become well-established in recent years. So, in simple words, game development is nothing but the art of creating games and describing the design along with its successful development. Unfortunately, parents might think that it’s difficult for them to sit and make their kids understand the basic tenets of Maths and Physics, but no, it doesn’t work like that! Luckily, kids are born ready with the skills of developing games which require nothing but a few life-skills. Consider visiting our page on game development courses online, and voila! You’re halfway already there! So, let’s find out some of the key benefits of Game development first.

1. Helps kids to master the skill of story-telling!

The first and foremost step towards building a game entails designing and making a story. Kids need to sketch out a character, build a story, and get involved with the character’s whole journey. Hence, choosing a character will require the player to understand the rules and elements of the game first.

2. Helps to instill facts and logic in kids’ minds!

Kids might not understand the principles of Maths, Physics, and Science, but they understand how fruits fall from the tree, how birds fly, and why water pours downwards. So, if we consider a kid’s worldview, there is a whole lot of space to experiment within these simplistic parameters, at large.

3. Fosters Interaction and Problem-solving skills

Picture this. Your kid is developing a game all-new, and he’s thinking of the story. What will be the first thing he’ll come across? Yes, you’re right! I’m talking about performance management. A game will have a whole lot of characters, the characters will have to interact, interaction must require performance, and the performance of the characters will become much more exciting and challenging with the presence of obstacles. So, in sum, game development is not only about coding, it is much more about imaginative power, interaction, and problem-solving skills.

4. Boosts self-confidence

As soon as your kid completes developing a game, however simple that may be, believe that your kids have passed over the first milestone. It’s not about competition but about a sense of accomplishment – an accomplishment that helps them to feel confident and self-assured.

5.  Enhances critical reasoning

In case of building maze games or puzzle games, it enhances kid’s ability to think rationally. Questions like ‘How to build a character’s forte?’ ‘And what would be the theme of the game?’ let kids to think like a deep-sea bird.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you’ve got an answer to what is game development and what are its benefits, let’s create your first game together, which are super fun, children-friendly, and engaging. With this in mind, we at Little Inventors have come up with an extensive number of STEM and game development courses chiefly designed for kids, to motivate them with the basics of coding. This includes Python programming for kids, best java certification course online, Programming in Scratch, coding courses for kids, best game development courses , and several others.  Interested already? Visit our page and the kinds of services we offer for kids! Browse our classes by game development courses in India and book your free trial sessions now! 

Having live 1:1 best online coding classes for kids, robotics kits for kids, tech fests, and global courses over various time zones be rest assured that we provide the best coding classes for kids in India. Take a free session and see how your child can create their first functional game by themselves!

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