Workshop at Vasavi Sri Nilayam Community


December 16, 2023


Vasavi Sri Nilayam Community

Little Inventors brought the magic of Robotics to Vasavi Sri Nilayam Society, organizing two separate workshops tailored to different age groups. The young inventors of 5-10 yrs age group created their own buzzer models, learning about basic circuits and electrical components. The thinkers group of 10-15 Yrs old tackled a more complex project, building 2-wheeler cars powered by dual-shaft bo motors. Steering their creations around the room was a thrill, showcasing their understanding of mechanics and robotics principles. Each child got to take their creation home, a tangible reminder of their newfound skills and a source of endless fun and exploration. This hands-on experience goes beyond textbooks and theory, allowing kids to truly grasp the concepts through building and tinkering.

Let your child play and learn with Little Inventors

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