Oakridge School Summer Camp 2023


May 1, 2023


Oakridge International School,Gachibowli,Hyderabad

Little Inventors organized a 10-day summer camp at Oakridge International School in Hyderabad for kids aged 6+ and 9+ in May 2023. The camp was attended by 30 kids, who learned about robotics, coding, and other STEM topics. The projects that were worked on in 6+ categories were- Wedo Projects like Sort to recycle which covered Motor Concept, Ozobot which included functions & description about color sensors, Basic Circuit concept with take away projects. In the 9+ category Node MCU microcontroller related projects were done like How to create an app and run circuits with the app. Simple to complicated projects of Node MCU were made by the kids. The camp was taught by experienced educators who were passionate about STEM. At the end of the camp, the kids presented their projects to their parents and teachers. They were all very proud of what they had accomplished, and they had a lot of fun showing off their work.

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