Little Inventors at WRO 2019 Regionals


July 11, 2019


Hyderabad, India
8 teams from Little Inventors participated in the Regionals round of World Robotics Olympiad 2019 in Hyderabad, India. It was a great learning experience for the kids to participate and compete at this level in the category, Regular Elementary. Little Inventors secured 1st and 3rd position by building autonomous robot that solves the given challenge, fastest and most accurate. All 8 teams qualified for the Nationals rounds by scoring 100% points.

Student Project

WRO 2019 Regional Round - 1st price winner team video
WRO - WeDo 2.0 regular category 2019 - practice run
Regional Round - Elementary Category 2019 - Team 8

Regional Round - Elementary Category 2019 - Team 8

WRO - Elementary Category - Regional Round - Team 8

Cute Stars team is practising for National WeDo 2.0 Regular round 2019

Test Run for National Elementary Round 2019

WRO 2019 practice Test for Elementary Category - Team 7

WeDo 2.0 Regular Category - National Round Practice round -2019

WRO - Elementary Round 2019 - Practice Run - Team 5
Elementary Practice Round for National Championship 2019

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