Rachana Saloni

Lead German Trainer

Saloni is the proud German language trainer of many who have now successfully settled in Germany.  She has pursued her Post Graduation in the UK and has worked in UK, Goa and Germany for 5 years each. She mastered the German language during her stay in Germany. Saloni has developed her own techniques that aim to simplify the ways of mastering German language to all students/professionals aspiring to get fluent in German language. Later in her life, she moved to Canada for 3 years and continued to teach students on an online platform for language enthusiasts across India & Middle East to learn and practice German. She has now taught online for 3+ years. Saloni has taught students of all age groups and professional backgrounds for over 10 years now. Fluent in Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and German helps her communicate and help her students effectively. She has gone through the process of learning the language as a student from a renowned language Institute in Germany so she can relate with students and has developed her own techniques to speak the language fluently and with ease. Saloni is a mother of two, who is loved by her students, who have left wonderful reviews for her which can be found on the institute’s website.