Anusha Kiran

Maths & Science tutor

Anusha is a trained professional with 4+years teaching experience, counseling certification, and the ability to guide students all across the globe. She has an impeccable record with Indian and international students who don’t perform well with Maths and Science.She has been in the Education  field for more than 4 years working on delivering lectures to undergraduates and also to the younger students from k5 to k12 grade. She had successfully taken more than 40 batches of students in a span of 1 year. Beginning the class with provoking questions which enhances curiosity in the students , she drives the conversation to an active discussion  about the topic which enhances conceptual understanding of the subjects. She helps the students to connect dots by giving real life application of the context. And end the class with a cliffhanger to maintain the curiosity.

Her way of teaching helps students to experience  math and science in a very new way.