Our Splendid Team

Shivani Jain

Founder & Director

An Electrical Engineer from Aachen University Germany, is an electronics enthusiast herself. Student by heart , went on to complete double masters in electrical engineering first from MNIT Jaipur and then RWTH Aachen Germany. After spending several years in Procter & Gamble and working closely in manufacturing plant in Germany and India. Shivani is now and automation enthusiast. She loves to tinker around with electronic kits and explore new gadgets and opportunities.


Alisha Dawra

Human Resource Manager

Alisha has completed her graduation in Biochemistry hons from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Retail Management from UIAMS, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is good at managing teams. She has worked in Mahindra Finance, Chandigarh as an HR. She loves to explore and learn new things.


Graphic Designer

Dishari is a part-time graphic designer and a full-time writer with a literature background and a degree in Commercial Photography from the Indian Institute of Photography. She has previously been responsible for creating innovative designs for various firms and organizations. Her designs and aesthetic approach aims towards blending the fun with the functional in order to creatively fill the gap between people, products and services. She has been working for 1.5 years with Little Inventors.


Content Writer

Devyani is a Civil Engineer from the Sandip University of Engineering College . She is an Artist and Content Writer. She has been working as Content writing for 1.5 years. Her passion is to do something that will be worthwhile to everyone. She loves experimenting and working on her skill. Basically, I love to learn new things.

Amal Shams

Content Writer

Amal Shams is currently pursuing Electronics and Communication at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, Kerala. She is good in creating quality contents and write ups for product and course descriptions. She has excellent writing and editing skills in English. She has proven work experience in content writing and was part of content creation teams of various reputed organisations.

Lakshmi Durga

Lead Instructor

Lakshmi Durga is an Electronics & Communication Engineer from GITAM University. She has completed a bachelor's degree in ECE in 2017. She is passionate about electronics & creative domains like STEM learning etc. She comes with an experience of 1 year as an analogue layout engineer. She has been working for 3 years with Little Inventors.


Lead Instructor

Aamani is a B.Tech student in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT Sri City, Chittoor. A STEM instructor and is passionate about coding. She is good at circuit designing and coding. She loves to work with kids. She has about 3 years of experience in teaching coding and electronic circuits. She strongly believes that hands-on activities always help students to improve their practical knowledge. She is best at teaching Scratch Programming, Ozobot Simulation, 3d Designing, Circuit Simulation, Mit app development, Mbot simulation, and Arduino coding at all ages. She has been working for 2.5 years with Little Inventors.



A B.tech student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology,Kottayam,Kerala.He is good at different softwares including Blender, Adobe illustrator etc. He has strong interests in the field of game development.He has good knowledge in using Unity game engine for developing games and level designing.

Aby Joe Jose


Aby is a B.tech student pursuing Electronics and Communication at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, Kerala. He is good in editing and game development in softwares like VSDC, adobe and unity. He loves to teach these softwares which helps to enhance learning in kids. He has a great passion for games development. He has been working for 1 year with Little Inventors.

Kasi Glory


Glory is a B. Tech senior in Information Technology who is an enthusiastic programmer. She believes in Two-way learning and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She is experienced in java, python, c++, php, html, css, xml and c programming languages. She also worked on multiple machine learning and android app development projects. She has been working for 2 years with Little Inventor



Bhavani is a B.Tech student pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering in Osmania University. She is good at Python programming and developing Arduino based electronic projects. She strongly believes in learning concepts through projects and is capable of teaching students of different age groups with ease. She has good experience in teaching kids especially of age group 9 to 18. She has been working for 2 years with Little Inventors.



Sumasree, a B.Tech student in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT Sri City, Chittoor. She is a passionate programmer in python and in the fields of data science. She has also worked on projects in App development using Python, Web Development using javascript ,Bootstrap, Django. She loves to work with kids. She has good experience in teaching Mit App inventors to all age groups. She has been working for 1.5 years with Little Inventors.



Irene, is a B. Tech student in Computer Science who extracts a great deal of joy from being able to build different things. Programming is her passion. She has experience in Javascript, Java, Python, and C Programming Languages. She has worked with technologies like web and android development. She has been working for 1.5 years with Little Inventors.



Thanya is a B.Tech student in Computer Science Engineering from IIIT Sri city, Chittoor. She is passionate towards programming. She also worked on some projects . She is good at teaching and loves to share her knowledge. She is happy to work with kids and teach them. She believes that one can improve knowledge by doing more practical stuff. She is expert in Python, Scratch, 3d design, app development and web development and can help children to learn in an easy way.



Priyanka, B.tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2020 from Sri Devi women's college affiliated to JNTU University, Hyderabad. A STEM instructor and an electronics enthusiast who loves to work with kids. She has about 2 years of experience in teaching and making electronic circuits & kits and in Basic Arduino. As a teacher, she always believes that hands-on activities and interactive classes help students to understand basic concepts clearly. She has been working for more than 4 years with Little Inventors.

Khemchand Sahu


Khemchand Sahu has done his B.Tech. in Electronics & Telecommunication, Masters degree in Optoelectronics and Laser Technology from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He has taught M.Tech, M.Sc. ,B.Sc. and School students. He has deep interest in teaching Electronic and IoT, and worked on various Electronic, Arduino and Raspberry pi based projects.



Indu is a B.Tech student in Computer Science from Vellore Institute of Technology. Indu is passionate towards coding and Web Development. She is well versed with Java, Front end and Back End Development. She loves teaching and helping the students understand the content of course.



Vibha graduated from BV Raju Institute of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She is well versed in Python, Java, and C programming languages. She has done projects in the Robotics field and loves teaching kids and has a good experience in teaching them.

Akshita Jain


Akshita is pursuing her B Tech in Computer Science from Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center. She is proficient in Java Python Languages. On Technology part she has significant work experiences in Web Development i.e. HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Javascript , MERN stack. She has made several projects on various technologies

Shirisha Maddala


Shirisha is a B.tech student in Information technology engineering at Vignan's Institute of Information Technology , Vizag. She is ambitious and driven. She thrives on challenges and constantly sets goals herself. She is not comfortable with settling, and always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.



Shantheri, is a B E student in Information Science and Engineering from Acharya Institute Of Technology . She is a passionate programmer in python . She has also worked on projects on Web Development with Python, Flask , Tkinter, PyGame. She has also worked with android app development. She also has good basics with Google Cloud Platform.

Divya Sai


Divya Sai is a student of electronics and communication engineering in Vignan University, Vadlamudi. She is passionate towards coding. She is good at circuit designing and has done projects. She has done hands-on projects in cybersecurity. She is interested in learning new things. She teaches effectively in a simple way that is easy to comprehend by the students. She is good at Scratch, Ozobot, Mbot, Arduino.

Shraddha Verma


Shraddha is a Computer Engineering student from Tssm’s Bhivarabai Sawant College of Engineering and Research. She has strong foundations in programming languages like Python, Java and C++ and is also skilled in web technologies and applied mathematics. She has also worked as an intern at Elite Techno Groups. She loves to interact with kids and believes that kids are fast learners.



Aadithya is currently pursuing engineering in Computer Science. He is proficient in Python, Java, C etc. He is passionate about technology, robotics and AI. He is also willing to learn more about technology and convey them in the best way possible



Sanskruti has completed her B Tech from Symbiosis Skills and Professional University Pune in Mechatronics Engineering. She is currently pursuing her MS in Automotive Mobility from Germany. She has worked on projects in Robotics, Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Catia, etc. She has hands-on work experience in various industries such as Forbes Marshall, TATA Motors, InfinityX, etc in same domain. She loves to explore new and innovative things.