Basic Circuits Module-1

Basic Circuits Module – 1 is a good start to master the Fundamental concepts of electronics and Circuit designing. It is designed to create enthusiasm in learning with fun. Basic principles, such as resistance, current, voltage, and power, are the building blocks upon which all electrical components are built. This includes the complex magnetics components that are motors to learn the movement of BOT.

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The Kit Contains

  • Ribbon wire
  • 3v coin battery,9V battery ,1.5v Battery & Battery snap
  • Red/Green/yellow Led
  • RGB led 2 pins, Buzzer
  • 6v Solar panel
  • Connecting wheels
  • Bulb with 9v
  • Fan blade
  • Rocker switch ,2 Pin push button
  • 2 Shaft dc BO Motor, 1 Shaft Dc BO motor ,DVD motor, DC toy
  • motor
  • 150 rpm dc motor + 1 wheel +1 screw
  • Alligator clip
  • connecting wheel for 150 rpm Dc motor with screw
  • Insulated wire
  • Vibration motor


Projects you can do from Module 1

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